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I had the privilege of hearing the Gospel...

I had the privilege of hearing the Gospel growing up in church and in a Christian home.   I remember hearing the Gospel understanding that I was a sinner and that the consequence of sin was Hell. On July 4, 1999, I made the decision to repent of my sin and trust Christ as my Saviour. Since that day, my life has been changed. I was baptized the following week and have been a member of Capitol City Baptist Church since then.


The following year at our annual Missions Conference, the Lord began to burden my heart for the mission field. I met missionaries; I saw the slide shows and heard many sermons on missions. That year I surrendered to be a missionary wherever the Lord wanted me to go. I made several mission’s trips to Mexico with Missionary Matt Johnson. I began to immerse myself in Spanish culture and I began to learn the language. Then in 2017, God began to burden my heart for Ecuador. God placed several people in my path to highlight Ecuador. I also learned there were few missionaries in the entire country. I made my first trip to Ecuador in January 2018. My Pastor and I, along with a group of men from our church spent almost two weeks surveying the country and visiting several cities. We met a few missionaries, but I found that sadly many places had no Bible-preaching church. The Lord used this trip to confirm in my heart that Ecuador was where he was leading my wife and I to serve Him.



The Lord allowed to me grow up in a Christian home...

The Lord allowed me to grow up in a Christian home. I was privileged to learn Bible stories and memorize Scripture, but I was unsaved. When I was seven years old, the Lord started opening my eyes to the fact that I was a sinner. He showed me clearly that I was lost, and that I needed His precious blood to cleanse me. On Sunday, November 4, 2001, after Sunday School, my teacher explained to me the Gospel one more time. The Lord was offering me the free gift of eternal life again! That day I repented of my sin asking the Lord to save me. I thank the Lord for His mercy and guidance in my life. As a young girl, I remember asking God to let me be a missionary someday. It was in my teen years that I finally surrendered my life to the Lord to use as He would see fit. I continued later to seek the Lord’s will in Bible College where I met my husband. Now, I continue following the Lord and Jonathan as we trust the Lord to open doors on our way to Ecuador.

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